The Youth and Young Adult Program (YYAP) assists youth and young adults to obtain work experience, employment and/or to access educational and skill training programs. One-to-one job coaching and supported employment services are delivered to each 16-29 year old referred to the program.

GVS Youth Job Developers have specialized training and experience in relating to and accommodating for this unique population.  A smaller caseload of youth clients allows the Youth Job Developer to offer individualized, highly supported, flexible employment/educational planning.

This unique population demands flexibility in the type of services provided, the way in which services are delivered and the pace in which the goal of work experience/education/employment is attained. Referred youth often have little or no previous work experience, and may have difficulty adjusting to the transitional stage of becoming an adult.  We are able to provide intensive support to meet individual needs.

Employment Services Provided:

In coordination with the youth client’s individual treatment plan, GVS staff will provide the following (as required):

  • Vocational/psychological assessment
  • Pre-employment readiness sessions (one-to-one or group)
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview skills practice
  • Employment career counseling
  • Job shadows, volunteer work, work trials and/or work experience placements
  • Computer tutorial sessions/career and educational research
  • Assistance with job placement/job maintenance
  • Assistance entering/re-entering school or skill training programs
  • Peer Support as needed


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