• Who Is Eligible To Attend GVS?

• How Do I Find Out About GVS Programs?

• Where Are The GVS Offices?

• Are There Waiting Lists For GVS Programs?

• What Steps Will I Go Through Once I Start At GVS?

• What Does It Cost To Attend GVS Programs?

• Will I Get Paid An Honorarium Or A Training Wage To Attend GVS?

• What Is A Vocational Assessment?

• Does Everyone Get A Vocational Assessment? 

• Do I Have To Attend Groups If I Go To GVS?

• What Is A Work Experience Placement?

• How Soon Can I Get A Job?

• Can GVS help me get funding to get training or education?

• Contact Information



Who is eligible to attend GVS?

GVS specializes in assisting clients who have mental health disabilities with their vocational and educational goals.  The age range is from 16-64.  We have five vocational programs and eligibility varies by program, depending on a clients’ psychiatric care, where they live, and their income source.
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How do I find out about GVS programs?

Phone GVS (604-683-6047) or contact us on-line to make an appointment to attend an orientation.  Orientation sessions are about 1 hour long and occur at GVS every few weeks, depending on demand.  At an orientation, clients receive detailed information about all programs and will see a video with comments from successful GVS participants.  Then GVS staff assists clients to sign up for the most suitable GVS program.  Some clients decide to take home and think about the information before choosing a GVS program.
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Where are the GVS offices?

GVS is located at 288 2750 E. Hastings Street (between Slocan and Kaslo), above Shoppers Drug Mart. GVS is located on the second floor.
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Are there waiting lists for GVS programs?

Waiting times vary, depending on the demand for each program.  Clients on each program’s waitlist are seen on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  Please enquire at the information session about the current wait time for your desired program.
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What steps will I go through once I start at GVS?

The first step is to attend an orientation to find out more information about GVS programs.  Clients can register for a GVS program at the orientation or later.  If there is a current waitlist for the program chosen, clients will receive a letter stating the approximate waiting time.  As soon as a GVS staff is available to assist the next client, an intake meeting will be arranged with the case manager.  After getting to know a client and their vocational/educational goals, the case manager and client decide how GVS can assist clients to reach those goals.    
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What does it cost to attend GVS programs?

There is no charge for eligible clients to attend GVS programs. 
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Will I get paid an honorarium or a training wage to attend GVS?

GVS does not pay clients to attend most GVS programs.  Some programs are able to pay a $50 honorarium when clients first go to a work experience or volunteer placement. 
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What is a vocational assessment?

A registered Occupational Therapist or registered Psychologist conducts an interview to determine what testing is needed and to learn more about each client.  Testing usually includes information about vocational interests, abilities, work personality, and/or cognitive/intellectual functioning.  These test results, as well as the client’s personal history and the impact of their mental health disability provide information for the vocational assessment.  The assessment will also include vocational strengths, vocational challenges, and recommendations to help clients reach their vocational or educational goals.  Clients receive an explanation of all test results and are given a written copy of the assessment. A GVS vocational assessment gives information so that clients can determine a satisfying, realistic employment or educational goal.
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Does everyone get a vocational assessment? 

No, a vocational assessment is not necessary for every client.  The client and their case manager will determine if an assessment would be useful.
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Do I have to attend groups if I go to GVS?

This depends on the individual needs of the client and the most suitable GVS program.  The client and GVS case manager decide on the best services for each individual.  Groups can be helpful to learn coping skills for the workplace.  They also give an opportunity to be around others, and interact as you would in the workplace. However, not everyone attends groups.
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What is a work experience placement?

At GVS, a work experience placement (wep) is a volunteer opportunity to learn about the worker role, build up emotional and physical stamina, and build work confidence and skills.  Usual shifts are 1-3 half days weekly for about 6 weeks.  The GVS job coach provides support during placements, including setting up weps, accompanying clients to an introductory meeting and working along side clients on their shifts when necessary.
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How soon can I get a job?

Generally, the longer out of work or school, the longer clients may need to prepare to successfully get and keep work.  The client and case manager determine whether paid work or volunteerism is a short or long term goal and then develop a plan to achieve the goal over time.
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Can GVS help me get funding to get training or education?

Yes, GVS can help clients decide if they would benefit from training or education to meet their vocational goals, and can assist clients in getting funding for courses.  If clients have a consistent work history and work/school experience in the last year, they are more readily eligible for funding programs.  If not, GVS assists clients to acquire experience in the workplace so that they would be suitably prepared to apply for educational funding.  GVS also assists clients in their career exploration so that they can determine a realistic and satisfying vocational goal to present to potential funders. Course funding can be made available to help clients meet a specific vocational goal to become employable.  Funding for general education, GED, and study skills may also be available through VCH funding and/or federal funding such as Canada Access Grants.
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Contact Information

To find out more information about GVS programs, please contact us to make an appointment to attend an orientation.

Contact information: Phone Vancouver 604-675-2535.

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